Is Timber Flooring The Way To Go?

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When it comes to flooring, many has split opinions about what is the best option. Some will go for the looks, whilst some will go for durability and some may even go by pricing alone. Whatever the reasons, there tend to be a trend in certain places on the preferred type of flooring. Let us take the city of Perth in Western Australia for example. According to many, timber flooring is one of the most popular choice of flooring type. There are many reasons to why it is popular. But durability and looks will be near the top of the list.

Being to withstand the stress that flooring will be put under with the sheer weights of furnitures and white goods will be advantageous. It is no surprise that timber flooring is popular because it ticks all the box.

It is:

  • Durable
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Suitable for all seasons
  • Comes in many different styles

One thing to bear in  mind when referring to Perth is that the metropolitan area is relatively big compared to other cities around the world. But despite this, there is no obvious difference between the preference to the type of flooring chosen by the residents. Because of the popularity of timber flooring, it also comes to no surprise that local businesses will put the emphasis on trying to provide this type of flooring to their potential customers.

Being very durable, many home owners will consider it a wise investment as it “lasts” a life time. Install it once and forget it. The pricing is probably one of the very few negative aspects of timber flooring. Typically it does cost more than other main types of flooring. For example: carpet. But because the positives outweighs the negative, it is considered to be a winner.

The actual installation is basic enough for it to be done within 24 hours in most instances.

In conclusion, timber flooring is a clear winner in the city of Perth.

Limousine Follow Up

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This has been an ever greater time of demand for Limousines in Perth, Western Australia.

Recently making contact with a limo company based in Perth to delve greater in what is happening in that particular niche, he responded with ‘my phone is on fire, all day everyday”

I asked him to elaborate, and what he explained to me was that the school ball scene this year is stronger than it has been in years. The changing in child application for schools changed several years ago, and it has now caused this year to have an influx and large number of students who were involved in that particular transition year.

Basically every limousine in Perth is booked for School Balls in the next coming months due to such high demand. With great profit margins available these businesses will be doing extremely well.

Limo Hire Service Matches Red Carpet Event.

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Special or memorable events deserves a mentioning on this blog. Commemorating all things classy and posh, limousine (otherwise fondly known as limos) hire is a big hit when it comes to red carpet events. It doesn’t have to be the Oscar that you’re attending, it could simply be your daughter’s school ball or  your local sporting club event. People are lining up a limo for the day or night to make this special occasion a one that will never be forgotten.

Traditional limos are black and shiny and somewhat very formalised. Nowadays, creativity is the name of the game. With fluoro coloured limousines such as hot pink or gunmetal grey, the looks department of limousines in this current time is a force to be reckon with. The dimensions nowadays have also changed.  Once known as a stretch limo is now called a super stretched limo! What will they think of next?

Another interesting observation is that what used to be a dull event can be turned into a red carpet event. For example, black coloured limo with dark black tint used to be a popular choice for high school students. But now some are opting for a hot pink limo. What use to be a low profile high school ball where parents would drop off the kids at the school ball now has turned into a red carpet event, where everyday kids are turning up at these events in a fancy shiny super stretched limousine. A low quay school event is now transformed into an adrenaline pumping amazingly awesome special event.

Perth Western Australia is one place where a limo hire business is doing exceptionally well. The community needs it and the limousine hire company will happily obliged. As long as special events are celebrated in a huge way, businesses in this niche will continue to thrive.

Events can come and go. That is, it might be an in thing at the moment but disappear the next day! So the moral is, enjoy the moment because it may not last!