What will technology bring on next?

It’s been an interesting year for the world of technology and engineering! In March, Japanese developers created the first fully-usable holographic displays for gaming and education purposes. In mid-June we saw a new artificial intelligence for GPS systems make its debut as a constant guide and companion for the first-time driver. In September Nintendo surprised fans all over the world with Pokemon Go, the next level in handheld gaming and social networking. Of course, Apple has wowed us with the release of the iPad Pro and all its juicy design and interface features. Then, as everyone started getting into the voice-controlled televisions and computers game, Carrera Technologies released the Lumina 2000 in October, a unique plasma TV that responds to over ten different hand gestures.

plasma tv

And it’s just the tip of the iceberg, ladies and gentlemen. Word has been floating around the community of faster, more energy-efficient cars, strategies for making smart houses cheaper and more accessible, and holographic desktop displays all set for release in the next three years. Some of them are merely for entertainment purposes, but it’s great to report that a number of them are geared toward conserving energy and resources and establishing safer and more accessible user interfaces across a wide range of platforms.

The Lumina 2000, designed for the deaf and mute community by utilizing physical gestures (many of them derived from ESL) to control their television display, is the first in a number of breakthroughs for making everyday technology friendlier toward less-able users. The next update for the aforementioned GPS AI (dubbed ‘Hermes’ after the Greek God of travelers) is rumored to have features to guide even the blind through taking public transport by using real-time updates and a complex audio-based system. Which brings the reaction, hurray for technology! And poses the question: well, what’s next?

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